African Empires

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This video is about African Empires in the medieval era for use in a public classroom. It contains clips relating to the Mali Empire, Timbuktu, Mansa Musa, the Great Zimbabwe, and the Swahili people along the eastern coast of Africa.


Opening Title Music: Thomas Mapfumo, "Madhebhura"

1) Timbuktu Renaissance; Narrated by Morgan Freeman; Produced and Written by Molly Knight Raskin; Produced and Edited by Thomas Placke; 2015.

2) The Legend of Timbuktu; Written & Directed by Samir Muqaddin; Producers: Lon Grandison, Abdul Karim Hasan; MCM Network, 2014

3) The Quest for Gold; Directed by Jason Skavler; Produced by the National Geographic Channel, 2014

4) "Lost Civilizations" Africa: A History Denied; Written by David Dugan; Produced by Time-Life Video & TE; 1995