Hope On HIV/AIDs Uganda To Manufacture Own Drugs For Patients

Uganda used to be a model of fight against HIV AIDs, but recently relapsed, with access to medicine the major setback. UNAIDS country representative Musa Bunguddu expresses belief in such interventions as key to boost fight against the scourge.
Early this week the prime minister of Uganda DR.Ruhakana Rugunda announced that Cipla quality chemical limited had started manufacturing a single dose drug for people living with HIV/AIDS where the patients would now only need to swallow only one pill a day from the previously 3 drugs a day routine .
The drug also known as TRIODAY has been on market for some time but unique about it this time is that it will be manufactured here in Uganda.
Musa Bunguddu however advises that to maintain constant supply of drugs across the region, EAST African Member countries, need to adopt a strategy of sharing responsibilities to enable a successful fight
Over 30Million lives have been claimed by the HIV epidemic across the globe. Sub-Saharan countries have been the worst hit due to lack of medicines and capacity to diagnose, treat and manage the condition.
Ministry of health statistics show that Uganda has over 1.5Million people living with HIV/AIDS, but only 750,000 have been enrolled on antic retro therapy ignoring over 600,000 patients.
With Uganda given capacity to produce the Trioday Drug, it’s expected to bridge several of those gaps including access and costs incurred