Robot waiter serves food at Egypt restaurant

Humans stand back as a robot brings food to people at a restaurant in Egypt.   
The restaurant is using technology to allow for some social distancing and limit exposure to the coronavirus.

There is very little to be said to the waiter at Kimbo restaurant in Cairo - that is because the food is served by a robot waiter.
The robot, named Mozo, is meant to give customers some assurance during the coronavirus pandemic by reducing contact with restaurant staff.
"We wanted to tell them not to be afraid and to go out and come to our restaurant, no one will make any contact with you," says Omar Ismail, one of the restaurant's owners.
Earlier this year, the Egyptian government had ordered restaurants, coffee shops, malls and gyms to close to encourage people to stay home.
Now, Egypt has allowed cafes and restaurants to return to work, but they must close at midnight and limit their capacity to 50%.
And the restaurant is using Mozo to draw back customers who have concerns about the coronavirus.
"Instead of dealing with people and having to keep putting on a mask, I am more comfortable now," says one customer.
Mozo has become popular among customers, who specifically ask that they be served by the robot.
After boosting business too, the restaurant owners decided to also bring in robots at their restaurants in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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