Women Overcoming Imbalance At Work

Gender inequality is a genuine business risk affecting most businesses in Uganda. Men still dominate the choice of employers despite proven evidence that women in top management positions enhance sound governance, and performance.
ACCA a global body for professional accountants, challenges government bodies and private institutions to involve more women in top positions to enhance their business performance
Uganda has made inroads in uplifting women in society, and curved itself as a model of women liberation on the continent, but such efforts are yet to penetrate business desks. The top management positions are mostly a reserve of men, while women languish at the bottom tier. A committed drive for women to upstage the odds needs to be taken advises Helen Brand Obe The CEO, ACCA
DR. Maggie KIGOZI, a Ugandan medical doctor, and business consultant also weighs in. She regards discipline as key for women survival in a fast growing economy
The former finance Minister Hon. Maria Kiwanuka offers a more aggressive approach. She encourages women to pursue self-employment, and craft a collective purpose to undo the barriers.
Voices from some of the most outstanding women achievers help to penetrate the tough economic barriers women face. However, a macro commitment to change with a clear timeline, would likely overcome the imbalance at work places