Zimbabwe is Canceling a Deal To Recapitalize the National Railways of Zimbabwe-VOA60 Africa 10-17

Zimbabwe: The government announced that it is canceling a deal to recapitalize the state-owned National Railways of Zimbabwe, which would have provided $400 million to the financially struggling company.

South Africa: Hundreds of foreign nationals Wednesday took to the streets of Cape Town, demanding to be relocated to other countries after camping at the U.N. refugee agency offices for a week.

Morocco: Journalist Hajar Raissouni who was sentenced to one year in jail for an "illegal abortion" and sexual relations outside marriage walked free on Wednesday, shortly after being granted a royal pardon.

South Sudan: Peace talks stalled before they began in Juba on Wednesday as a key rebel grouping said it refused to negotiate with Khartoum, claiming government forces were still bombarding its territory.

DR Congo: President Felix Tshisekedi promised Wednesday to lift a quarter of the population of the DRC out of "poverty" within five years.
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