Bankrolling Mugabe

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Dispatches investigates how Robert Mugabe and politicians in his ZANU-PF party are still clinging on to power in Zimbabwe, focusing on the businessmen who are benefiting from or supporting his campaign of political violence. According to opposition politicians in Zimbabwe, those businessmen include well-known figures, such as the ex-England cricketer Phil Edmonds, and their companies based in the City of London.

Following last year's disputed elections and political violence, a power-sharing 'National Unity Government' was established in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe remains as President, with the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai, as Prime Minister. Tsvangirai has been touring the world trying to get aid to Zimbabwe to help its hungry people and restart its decaying economy.

However, working undercover in Zimbabwe, Dispatches reporter Aidan Hartley discovers that Mugabe has maintained his grip on the police, army and central bank, enabling him and his allies to undermine the efforts of the Movement for Democratic Change and to continue carrying out violence and corruption on a vast scale.