Can elections change the balance of power in Morocco?

On Wednesday, voters in Morocco will go to the polls to choose a new legislative body.
It is the third time they've voted since a new constitution was created following the Arab Spring more than a decade ago.
Sine then, the Party of Justice and Development has been leading the government in the North African country.
The PJD as it is known, has an Islamic agenda.
But that looks set to change as a party led by a powerful minister close to the king could win the largest number of seats in the new parliament.

For the millions who will vote, expectations are high, particularly as the economy is reeling from the pandemic.

So, will these elections lead to real change?

Presenter: Bernard Smith.


Rachid Touhtou is Associate Professor of Communication at the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics in Rabat.

Noufal Abboud is Executive Director of Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation

Elisabeth Myers is Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at American University's Washington College of Law

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