Egypt: Kidnapped Brides


“We want to know the whereabouts of our daughters. Our daughters are fourteen, sixteen, fifteen years old. Where are they? Who has taken them away from us? What is happening with them? I want to talk with my daughter. I want to hear her voice; to find out whether she is alive or not. I want nothing more. I want to hear my daughter’s voice.” Martha Said Yacoub, Mother of kidnapped girl
Kidnappings that target Christians remain a scourge for the Coptic community in many areas of Egypt. Particularly tragic is the kidnapping of girls as young as 13 who are often coerced to become Muslim and then marry the kidnapper. Once a girl ‘professes’ her new faith, reversion to Christianity following a conversion to Islam – freely or by coercion - is practically impossible. The most extreme punishment for apostasy from Islam is death. Several appeals have been launched by Christian organizations to Egyptian authorities so that adequate measures are taken to combat this phenomenon however, to date little has been done – all the more difficult as many times the kidnappers are known in the community.

Date of Production: 2016

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