Egypt restores historic mosque in City of the Dead

Egypt marks the completion of the first phase of the renovation of a historic mosque by holding a Friday prayer service inside.

At an estimated cost of 13 million Egyptian pounds ($833,370), Egyptian authorities have completed the first phase of the restoration of the historic Imam Al-Shafee Mosque.
The centuries-old structure, which lies in the City of the Dead in Cairo, is named after a medieval theologian who is considered one of the four most important references in Sunni Islam.
To mark the completion of the first phase of renovations, Friday prayers were held inside the mosque, with two ministers attending the service.
The mosque holds great value "in the hearts of Egyptians" and in "Arab and Islamic worlds", said Minister of Religious Endowments Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa.
The Ministry of Endowments is funding the project to renovate the mosque.
More renovation works on the structure are scheduled within the next six months, Egypt's Minister of Antiquities and Tourism Khaled el-Anany said.
The Imam Al-Shafee Mosque, located on a street named after the religious scholar, had been neglected for decades despite the importance of his work.
During his lifetime, the writer and theologian journeyed through several prominent Arabic cities including Cairo, where he died and was buried.

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