Free Muslim Organization calls on Egyptian authorities to review their internal policies

The International Nonviolence Organization, Free Muslim, expressed its deep concern about the internal situation in Egypt, especially the policies practiced by the authorities against civil society.
In a statement received by ShiaWaves, the organization called on the Egyptian government to review its policies in a comprehensive manner to ensure achieving social justice and preserving human and legal rights, as well as addressing the files on the living standards of citizens, which suffer a continuous deterioration.
The organization said that it periodically receives serious human rights reports and resentful data dealing with the social and human rights conditions in Egypt, most of which refer to the spread of misery and suffering among the community, in addition to the absence of the supposed role of the authority aimed at alleviating these painful conditions, while the reports also indicate a significant deterioration in public and private freedoms, as political arrests have become a widespread phenomenon aimed at silencing and confiscating the right of expression and dissent, reinforced by unprecedented arbitrary measures.
The organization added that what is happening inside Egypt represents a serious challenge to civil security and social peace, which reflects an ill-considered government approach that stems from a mentality that does not consider history and its experiences, and does not care about the criticality of the situation inside Egypt, which has unfortunate consequences at the state level in general if it continues.
The organization called on the Egyptian authorities to quickly implement comprehensive reform measures that eliminate the risk of collapse from the state and society, beginning with releasing prisoners of conscience and detainees on a political background, in addition to ensuring the freedoms and rights, and at the economic level finding effective solutions to improve the living conditions of the population, and last but not least work on establishing social justice by combating administrative and financial corruption in state institutions, in addition to putting an end to favoritism and illegal profiteering through the exploitation of government positions.
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