Geopolitics of Libya - Which players are involved in the "civil" war?

Libya is a country in North Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. Libya is a large country with a relatively small population, and the population is concentrated very narrowly along the coast. As most of the land area is covered by deserts, ninety percent of the people live in less than 10% of the area.
I am a student living in Germany, and due to my passion for political geography, economics, and international relations, I started producing videos as a hobby project.

Some video contents will be scientific, others will include my views, thus be subjective. On the other hand, the future series “7-10 things you didn’t know” I am planning to upload in the future, will be just for fun stuff. I try to use a simple language (terminology reduced to a minimum) to make the videos accessible to the general viewer so that you can lay back, chill and enjoy the content. Regarding the content, I recommend you to always do your own research, not only concerning my videos but in general.

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