Ghana Gas Station Fire Suspect Arrested, Questioned

Security agencies in Ghana are questioning a man suspected of having caused a massive explosion at an Accra gas station in June that killed over 100 people.

Seth Kwesi Ofosu has been accused of dropping a burning cigarette stub into floodwater mixed with leaking fuel from the gas station, which was located nearby.

Justice Isaac Delali Douse, the head of a government committee investigating the June 3 disaster, told journalists in Accra that Ofosu had been “referred to security agencies for investigation to decide whether or not he had intentionally caused the explosion”.

It remains unclear whether Ofosu – who is currently being questioned at an undisclosed location – will face criminal charges.

The explosion destroyed the fuel station in which hundreds of people had been taking shelter from a rainstorm. A total of 154 bodies were later retrieved from the wreckage, while scores of others were hurt.

According to the investigative committee, $400,000 worth of property was destroyed in the fire that followed the explosion.
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