Is the Horn of Africa facing a wider conflict?

A conflict in Ethiopia is spilling over its borders and threatening to destabilise the Horn of Africa.
Tigray's leaders say they are at war with Eritrea because its forces have got involved in the fighting in their region.
And they've launched attacks on Eritrea's capital Asmara, despite its government denying involvement.
Two rockets hit the city's main airport and a third targetted a state media building.
Forces loyal to Tigray's ruling party have been fighting Ethiopian government troops for nearly two weeks.
So, how will the fallout affect the region?
And can the tension be contained?

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Presenter: Bernard Smith
Matt Bryden, strategic adviser at think tank Sahan Research
Axel Bisschop, UNHCR representative in Sudan
Martin Plaut, fellow at the University of London and a specialist on the Horn of Africa

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