Kabila Visits Eastern Region Where Peace Restored After Rebel Unrest

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo was given a hero's welcome in the eastern city of Goma on Sunday.
Thousands of people lined the streets of the city as President Joseph Kabila went on a triumphant walkabout.
It was Kabila's first visit to the Goma region since his armed forces routed the M23 rebels.
The civilian population reportedly suffered grave abuses under the rebels, one of many military factions fighting for control in the country's volatile east.
At first ignored, they were buoyed by what a United Nations panel, tasked with investigating the conflict, said were arms, money and troops from neighbouring Rwanda, the DRC's smaller, but militarily powerful neighbour.
Kabila has been touring the east of the country for several days now.
In an effort to get closer to his people, he's been travelling in a convoy of cars along the country's poor roads.
Democratic Republic of Congo
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