Mauritian woman stuck in Ireland due to pandemic hoping to return with new arrival for Christmas


A Mauritian woman who came to Donegal to visit her sister back in March and has been stranded here ever since has given birth to a baby girl.

28-year-old Gimee Etwarysing only discovered she was expecting a baby before she made the trip.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and the airports in Mauritius were closed and so she could not return home.

Ms Etwarysing said every month, she hoped they would reopen, but during the summer, at her 21st-week scan, she realised she would be having her baby in Letterkenny.

She said her family were very concerned about her and the baby, but on 8 October, baby Leah was born.

She had an emergency Caesarean section, so she has to wait six to eight weeks before she can fly home.

Ms Etwarysing is now hoping to travel home before Christmas so her family can meet baby Leah for the first time.

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