Training Workshop For Veterinary Officers And Butchers In Northern Ghana

About 60 Veterinary officers, meat inspectors including butchers across the three northern regions have been taken through training on the best mode of meat slaughtering and the technics for meat inspection.

The safety of meat on the market particularly those slaughtered locally has been of great concern to most meat consumers. Butchers slaughtering animals on the bare ground and burning the fur with tyres is very common at most slaughter houses across the country.

Meanwhile, the environment in which the meat is slaughtered is supposed to be inspected by the environmental health officers while the meat is also inspected by the veterinary meat inspectors. However, it seems the work of these officers are not felt as most butchers are found flouting the laws.

It is against this backdrop that a training workshop has been organized to provide training for veterinary meat inspectors and butchers on the best practices in handling meat. The Head of Public Health at the Veterinary Service Department of Ghana, Dr. Bashiru Boi Kikimoto gave the rational for the training.

SOT 1: Dr. Bashiru Boi Kikimoto, Head of Public Health, Veterinary Service Department, Ghana.

He further stated the need to establish focal desk officers in the various regional capitals.

The Regional Director for the Poultry and Egg Export Council for Sub-Sahara Africa, Zelda Sharp said they will support veterinary service for a five year skills development program to enhance the growth of the meat industry.

From Tamale Noah Nash for Viasat 1 news
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