Uganda to establish modern Quranic School in one of its mosques

Press reports revealed that a modern Quranic school and medical center will be established in the main mosque in the Ugandan city of Zigoti.
According to reports, the mosque, which was built with the donation of philanthropists and Muslims in the region, accommodates more than 2000 Muslims during prayer.
One of the Muslim faith leaders in Uganda, Ali Kitza, said that Muslims in the region have a plan to establish a modern school of the Quran and a medical center to help and serve the believers.
"We want our children to learn Islam easily, and we must use this institution to educate adults,” said Kitza.
Muslim cleric Haji Numan Ntamba pointed out that "Zigoti is a very large city in which many Muslims live, so we want them to come to this mosque to strengthen their faith."
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