Ancient Egyptian figures rise from scrap metal

A figure of the ancient Egyptian cat sits at a workshop that specialises in making scrap art.
The larger than life feline is made from pieces of carefully arranged scrap metal.

Historic figures from Egypt's past are assembled from scrap metal at a workshop in Egypt's Giza.
Ancient Egyptian god Horus, famed Egyptian ruler King Tut and the ancient Egyptian cat stand side by side at the Location View workshop.
The artwork focusing on the ancient Egyptian civilisation is made from scrap metal, and even forks and spoons.
Sculptor Ibrahim Salah says the idea was to "exploit the scrap" in an eco-friendly activity that also generates an income.
Aside from artwork and ornaments, the team at Location View workshop also makes furniture and lighting fixtures.
They work with a variety of discarded items including car tires and water pipes.
Ibrahim founded the workshop along with Ahmed Hussein after their love for recycling and repurposing old materials brought them together.
They got to know each other through social media three years ago.
The ministry of local development supported them by providing them with a space to practice their activity.
This place is currently serving as both an exhibition where they display their products and a workshop.

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