Chinese Peacekeeping Medical Unit In Northern Mali Treats Victims Of Attack

Chinese medical force units in Mali peacekeeping mission were first to arrive at the scene of a suicide car bomb attack on a military base in the city of Gao in northern Mali that left over 60 dead and 100 injured.

The 16 Chinese medical and security staff under the escort of the rapid reaction force of Senegal were met with a horrific scene of dead bodies everywhere, with only 15 bodies found intact, at the explosion site.

The head and deputy head of the Chinese Secondary hospital led a two medical team to the hospital of Gao to help treat the wounded. At least 60 wounded people were still waiting for treatment when the team arrived and over 300 emotional citizens were gathered at the hospital.

A C130 aircraft has been sent from Mali’s capital Bamako to Gao to transport the wounded to the tertiary hospital in Dakar, Senegal for further treatment.
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