Egypt: Voters head to polls in second phase of parliamentary election

Voters formed long lines outside a polling station in Cairo on Saturday for the second round of the parliamentary elections.

Most voters seemingly adhered to COVID-19 distancing measures while waiting in line outside the polling station, with station employees demanding voters sanitise their hands before casting their ballots.

The second round of elections is taking place in 13 governorates in Egypt, including Cairo, the Nile Delta governorates, the Suez Canal, and North and South Sinai and will conclude on Sunday.

The first round of the elections which was held in 14 governorates including Giza, Alexandria, and Upper Egypt on October 24 and 25, concluded with a low turnout.


SOT, Mohamed El-rashedi, Voter (Arabic): "Every citizen must cast his vote, regardless of who is elected. Citizens must choose and have a decision and opinion, because whomever is chosen now will be reflected in what will happen in the future. I hope that everyone adheres to the precautionary measures amid the ongoing coronavirus (pandemic)."

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