Fallen And Forgotten


Since January 2012, Mali has been facing a violent insurgency in the north of the country. But the soldiers on the front line have been growing bitter accusing their commanders of corruption by sending them to fight with little pay and insufficient equipment.

Some are even thinking of changing sides.

Their widows and families back home say they have been forgotten by the nation their men died for.

#BBCAfricaEye investigates the cycle of death, violence and corruption, and asks: is there no end in sight?

Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent. Nothing stays hidden forever.

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Directed and Filmed by - Peggy Bruguière, Marlène Rabaud
Executive Producer - Andy Bell
Executive Producers, Babel Doc - Stéphanie Lebrun, Stanislas Gazelle
Producer - Masood Khan
Narrator - Anne-Marie Dias Borges
Archive - Associated Press
Line-producer, Babel Doc - Delphine Muller-Leroy
Original Music - Leopold Roy
Editor - Gary Beelders
Additional Editor, Babel Doc - Oktay Sengül
Online Editor - Chris Stott
Sound Mixer - Jez Spencer
Colour Grade - Boyd Nagle
Production Manager - Annabel Yonge
Production Coordinator - Sarah Clarke
Social Media Producer - Anusha Kumar
Reversioning Producer - Anna Payton
Digital Producer - Suzanne Vanhooymissen
Africa Eye Editor - Marc Perkins

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