Mauritania : Destiny of the Sands

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This film concerns the destinies of three young men, Mahmoud, Taleb and Boubacar. From deepest Mauritania where traditions based on a nomadic lifestyle are still strong. Their lives unfold with few surprises from dawn till dusk surrounded by the sands of the Sahara desert. One of the young men lives in the west on the Atlantic coast bordering; other lives in the centre of the country on the edge of strange, jagged outcrops that dominate the heights of the Adrar plateau. The third is based in the South-West near the Senegal River, where ethnic mixing and cultural exchanges are the most developed. Same age and also the same unique, profound regard that reflects confidence and serenity. Their story is that of simple and debonair young men seeking to be true to an ideal and a faith fashioned and formed by the vast expanses of sand and the desert winds.

mauritania, desert, sands, sand
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