Libya's Detention Centre Hell


Thousands of refugees are trapped in Libya’s hellish detention centres, where abuse, rape and extortion are rampant. They live in subhuman conditions, awaiting someone – the militia, Europe, the UN, anyone – to decide their fate. We investigate the entire detention system, how this traffic works, the role of the militias and the way in which their control is exercised.

Officially, Libya’s 26 detention centres are run by the GNA, the UN-recognised government in Tripoli. In reality, they are in the hands of the militias that control the country, who see migrants as a ready source of cash. The European Union finances the camps but then takes no responsibility for what happens there.

This is an important documentary of political denunciation, with significant testimonies, that succeeds in telling not only the story of human trafficking in Libya but also the background of the migration policies implemented by European states. The wise and calibrated direction manages to offer great control to the narrative, letting the audience think about what is happening in Libyan detention centres and what it means to “migrate” from that African land.

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