Public etiquette on using smartphones

Public etiquette is one thing that forms part of the social fabric of any given community. Nonetheless, it is a concept that keeps evolving. With the advent of cell phones and smartphones in particular, as the mainstay of our daily lives, this appears to create new social challenges.

Today's communication gadgets are capable of doing things that no one would have ever predicted two decades ago. For instance, live streaming can give a glimpse into what is happening in one's immediate surroundings in real-time, at just a touch of the screen. Taking a group selfie in public to quickly post on social media, may not seem like a serious breach of manners. But, what if that is done at a funeral service or in a place of worship?

Where does one draw the line? To explore what smartphone etiquette looks like in our modern digital age, we have invited Social Media Analyst Preetesh Sewraj….

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South Africa
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