Sudan's government signs a peace agreement with five key rebel groups


South Sudan: Sudan’s government signed a peace agreement with the country's five key rebel groups on Monday, a significant step in the transitional leadership's goal of resolving multiple, deep-rooted civil conflicts. Agreement was signed in Juba, South Sudan.

Italy: At least three migrants died when a fire broke out on a boat carrying them close to the southern coast of Italy on Sunday. Another five migrants were injured and taken to hospital in the Italian port city of Crotone.

Uganda: Some of more than 20,000 people who live in Kasokoso slum, on the outskirts of the capital Kampala, work in a quarry where they brace the scorching sun, hitting rocks, breaking them into smaller pieces for $1-a-day.

South Africa: Following a five-month lockdown, South Africa is easing domestic travel restrictions, allowing hotels to reopen. With international borders still closed, the government is pinning its hopes on domestic tourism.

Cameroon: Failure to develop the country's infrastructure and the food processing industry left thousands of farmers with no buyers when COVID-19 led to border closures and flooding of local markets with too many cheap tomatoes.

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