Central African Republic: Girl Soldiers


According to UNICEF 40% of child soldiers in the world are girls. In the Central African Republic girls, press ganged or willing volunteers, play an important part in armed groups as cooks, cleaners or fighters.

In this documentary we meet with former girl soldiers who are trying to rebuild themselves and their lives. Among them, Rosine, Nolla and Marie-Claire, tell us how they were enrolled, what they went through, how they came out, and above all, how their reintegration into society is going. They were all children when they learned about crime. What obstacles await these girls when they return to a normal life? Victims of a double sentence, they are often stigmatized on their return: society considers them murderers, women with blood on their hands. Many NGOs are therefore tackling the problem head on, providing training centers, psychological care, job search to help them regain a semblance of normalcy.

Available until the 06/11/2038

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