President Of Ghana Urges A Return To Civilian Rule In Burkina Faso

Diplomats pressing Burkina Faso's military ruler to return the country to civilian rule said on Wednesday they are seeking names of people who could serve as interim head of state until elections are held.
The presidents of Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana are in Burkina Faso to mediate after the African Union gave Burkina Faso's military a two-week deadline to hand over power or face sanctions.
Burkina Faso's president of 27 years, Blaise Compaore, stepped down on Friday amid mounting opposition to his bid to seek yet another term in office.
Compaore never identified a potential successor and his departure has created a power vacuum in which at least three people have tried to take over control of the country in the past week.
Burkina Faso's military has designated Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Yacouba Zida as the transitional leader following the departure of Compaore.
Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama urged military officials to take the discussions seriously and look to bring in a transitional government in the coming days.
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