Waste Africa

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Every year we produce 20-50 million tons of technological waste. Every year they increase of 3-5%. We do not know where the 75% of technological waste produced in the European Union ends. We do not know where the 80% of technological waste produced in the United States ends. Every day shiploads of containers from Europe, China, Australia etc. arrive in Ghana. Containers full of “branded trash”: Philips, Sony, Microsoft, Dell, Siemens, Nokia, Canon, Apple etc.. thrown by organizations such as, for example, the Us Environmental Protection Agency or the Danish National Guard. Electronic waste or high tech trash sold as a product that works or donated to the poorest countries. Every day dozens of kids between 11 and 18 years old work at the Agblogbloshie Market, in Accra, the capital of Ghana.They dismember the waste with their bare hands and they burn it to obtain raw materials that can still be sold on the market. The burned waste releases toxic gases into the air and contaminates water and soil. Cadmium causes cancer and damages to bones and kidneys. Lead causes irreversible damages to the nervous system. Phthalates cause damages to the reproductive system. WASTE AFRICA is a cruel fairy tale about a little prince called Samsung. Fatherless, abandoned by his mother, Samsung will have to restore prosperity and future to his land, covered with garbage. WASTE AFRICA is a mockumentary written, shot and produced by Matteo Lena and edited by Giovanni Zanin. Dur: 29' Year: 2013

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