Nigerian trafficking networks


Criminal networks from Nigeria earn billions trading drugs and trafficking humans. They lure young women to Europe, where they’re forced into prostitution. The film accompanies investigators and meets some of the women who’ve managed to get out.

In her documentary film "Shady Dealings", director Chiara Sambuchi talks to a dedicated Italian public prosecutor, a German investigator and a number of trafficked women who’ve made it out of their terrible predicament.

State prosecutor Lina Trovato is a woman with boundless energy who has made it her life’s work to seek justice for trafficking victims. Wiretapping, surveillance and raids are just some of the many methods she deploys in her daily work.

Then there’s the German investigator Colin Nierenz, who takes viewers along with him on one of his toughest cases: a young woman in Nigeria said to be under a juju spell. Social worker
Princess Inyang Okokon was herself a victim of human trafficking. She eventually managed to escape forced prostitution and now helps other women to do the same.

Thanks to exclusive access to secretly recorded conversations and witness statements, the film exposes the structure of this growing network.

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