Raw Video: Over 1500 Migrants Rescued At Sea In One Day

Over 1500 migrants are rescued at sea while attempting the dangerours Mediterranean crossing from Libya to Europe

The Italian navy handed out video showing one of their units rescuing hundreds of migrants on Monday (August 10) in the Sicily Channel.

The Italian navy ship, Mimbelli, rescued 775 migrants, with nearly 200 women and 40 minors.

On Monday, in 7 separate operations, around 1550 migrants were rescued off the Libyan coasts, the Italian coastguard said.

Together with Italian navy and coastguard units, Irish Navy ship Le Niamh and privately-managed Phoenix ship took part to the operations

More than 2,000 migrants and refugees have died so far this year trying to reach Europe by boat, compared with 3,279 during the whole of last year, the International Organization for Migration said.

Traffickers have sent more than 90,000 migrants by sea to Italy so far this year, the UN refugee agency says. Italy took in 170,000 in 2014.

This summer's mass arrivals in both Italy and Greece show the crisis is worsening. Immigrants fleeing violence and poverty at home continue to pour in from Africa and the Middle East.

Many look to move swiftly to wealthier northern Europe, including to Britain from Calais in France.